Personal In Home Training 

$50 per session, a session lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes max and will consist of either upper body exercises, lower body exercises or a combination of both depending on your tolerance level for exercise. My trade mark approach is called the "T" Shirt Workout

Exercises will be a combination of bodyweight exercises as well as some resistance training, I will provide all the equipment we need all you need is to bring yourself. 

The main objective of my style of person training is to get people back into shape to increase cardiovascular health and to increase overall flexibility all of these thing are essential to living a very healthy life. 

Personal training is done typically in your home however if that is not an option I train people in various locations from gyms, apartments, condos, studios, hotel rooms, parks and other public areas also recreation centers, location is not an issue if you are wiling to work with me I will be there to help you succeed in your fitness goals.

All Elijah's services are non-sexual.

All services are to be at the permission of your medical care or physician

It is your obligation to consult your doctor prior to exercise. 

We make no medical health claims.

 ElijahLorono&Partner a L.L.C.