Mission Statement

Our Purpose is:

To help people here, there, and everywhere!

Our Mission is:

To leave no doubt in our clients minds that the person training them is there to help them and push them to achieve their goals.

To train with a hands-on demonstrative professional technique, and sound dietary recommendations in a climate of trust In essence to become “family”.

To instill a sense of emotional strength and confidence in our clients through moving them toward their goals.

What Motivates Me To Get Up Every Morning is To Help People Here, There, and Everywhere.

We Plan on Setting Up a 501 C 3 Non-profit to help people.

Project #1 Water Wells in West Africa Niger & Burkina Faso

"West Africa has some of the lowest rates of access to safe drinking water in the world. Governments, private contractors, UN agencies and international non-government organizations (NGOs) have spent billions of dollars to address the problem. But success is elusive, and the challenge is only becoming more severe. Populations are growing, people are moving from farms to cities, and city planning is chaotic.

The reasons cited for failure are varied and numerous, from inadequate funds and mismanagement to corruption, lack of spare parts, no local buy-in, and weak institutions. At same time, everyone claims to have the latest and most promising solution to the challenge."

We believe that with help they can do it that is why we are supporting Transformational Leadership Partners and encourage others to do so as well. We are small but we believe in helping others. Why not do a little to do what we can to address one of the worst problems on the globe. We hope you join us!

Transformational Leadership Partners “TLP”
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